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Membership Application for New Members

A yearly membership of $35.00 covers a calendar year from January 1st to the end of December. Yearly renewals of $35.00 should be paid during November and December.

Membership provides you with:
  • Quarterly issues of the Society’s publication The NewsJournal
  • The online “Official Membership Directory”
  • Access to the EAPGS Member site
  • Access to EAPGS Facebook sponsored discussion group and a hosted online pattern identification database with over 53,700 photos and 6,270 plus pattern descriptions.
  • The opportunity to attend all social functions of the Society (Annual and Regional meetings) and all of the information you need to network and explore your interest in antique glass collecting.


We sincerely hope you will enjoy being a member of an active antique glass-collecting group and successfully build your network of friends and acquaintances.  If you have any questions at any time, please contact a member of the Trustee board.  A complete list with contact links for all Trustees are listed on this website HERE.

There are two options for you to join the Early American Pattern Glass Society:

You may download a copy of the Membership Application and mail along with your check to the address noted on the application form or you may submit your information and membership fee via PayPal online. 

You do not need a PayPal Account to use your credit card. If not using a PayPal Account Select Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Your payment will then be accepted through PayPal’s Guest Checkout secure website. 

Our volunteers will process your membership request as quickly as possible.  You can expect to receive your username and login for the members’ only database within 2-5 days.  The treasurer and new member coordinator work together to process the PayPal transaction and new member application.

OR Complete the NEW MEMBER information form and submit your payment Online HERE

EAPGS Membership Renewal

New in 2009, the Board is asking members to consider a membership renewal fee at an elevated dollar value.  The first $35 will be your membership fee and the balance will become a donation towards the development and growth of the Society.  Please consider renewing at the BRONZE level of $50, SILVER at $100, GOLD at $250 or PLATINUM at $500. You will be provided with a written acknowledgment/receipt for your donation. The Board will take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support.

A membership renewal notice is sent by mail each year to the address currently listed in our membership database. In addition, a reminder is included in the Winter issue of the News Journal. If we do not receive your renewal by December 31st, your name will be dropped from the mailing list, the News Journal will be discontinued and "Members Only" site access will be denied. Your membership renewal is your responsibility.

To check the status of your membership, look at the date printed by your address on the mailing label of a recent News Journal.  This date will indicate the year your membership expires. 

You now have two options to send your dues renewal.  You may return your dues renewal invoice along with a check mailed to the Membership Renewal Coordinator, Alice Ahlfeld, at the address provided on your invoice. If you have any questions you may contact Alice at at

OR Complete the RENEWAL information form and submit your payment Online HERE

Please do not send your dues renewal to Renee Miller, the New Membership Coordinator.  This will delay your membership update and dues.  Thank You!