Glass Clubs 

Milk Glass

National MIlk Glass Collectors Society & Old Milk Glass 1860-1920/
Milk Glass Junkies (Show/Tell/Learn)
NMGCS - Milk Glass 1920s - 1970s
Old Milk Glass 1850-1920

Phoenix and Consolidated Glass

Phoenix & Consolidated Glass

Imperial Glass

Imperial Glass Collectors

Westmoreland Glass

Westmoreland Glass Company

Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shakers

Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shakers

Toothpick Holders

NTHCS -National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society

HC Fry Glass

HC Fry Glass Society

Victorian Art Glass

Victorian Art Glass 1880-1910

Early American Pressed Glass

Early American Pressed glass (specialize in condiment sets)

Vintage Glass

Vintage Glass

Findlay Glass

Vintage Glass

Greentown Glass

Greentown Glass

Heisey Glass

Heisey Glass Collectors

Cambridge Glass

Miami Valley Study Group of National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.

Rakow Research Library – Corning Museum of Glass

Vaseline Glass

Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.